CyberLink YouCam Deluxe v5.0.0909.17551

CyberLink YouCam - the program allows you to add dynamic effects to your network cameras. Have fun with your friends during a video chat, adding emotion effects. You can then send the captured video and photos. Upload your clips directly to YouTube. In addition, you can send your photos and videos to friends on e-mail. Dual-mode user interface makes it easy to use program CyberLink YouCam. While instant messaging can participate in multiplayer Video Sessions with friends using webcams, applying instant effects in real time. Instant effects let you add frames, filters, distortions and emotion effects to the video from a webcam. This allows you to add videos funny and creative visuals.

Have fun during a video chat, adding emotion effects. You can then send the captured video and photos. Upload your clips directly to YouTube. Immediately send your photos and videos to friends via e-mail. Download additional effects of DirectorZone free. The program offers four types of video effects: emotions, filters, frames, and distortions. YouCam works with leading enterprise Instant Messaging, the program supports the following software: Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, SkypeAOL and Instant Messenger. YouCam - handy tool to create the display, avatars and videos of photos and video, filmed on your webcam.

The program offers five types of video effects:
• Animated three-dimensional effects - very funny effects
• Emotions - have a creative influence at all. More than 20 objects
• Frames - these effects add a theme to photos or videos
• Distortion - modeled effects, the effect of distorting mirrors
• Drawing tools - makes video chats more expressive, creating designs
• Filters - effects both on television

New features in version 4:
• Video Effects.
• Role-play with a high level mapping.
• New hats, 25 virtual accessories.
• Stage effects.
• Travel the world, chatting online!
• New Ioyrk and Paris metro and Polaroid picture - your interlocutors will never be able to determine exactly where you are in reality.
• Control your emotions online - function Emotional Stamping & Stomping.
• Record a video message for birthdays and other events.
• Shoot video web camera with a set of effects
• Add new colors to your online conversations and records with the help of technology TrueTheater
• download an unlimited number of free effects from DirectorZone
• Communicate with the effects of augmented reality to entertain friends
• Create realistic avatars to your video chats
• Play and chat with new particle effects

Home: http://www.cyberlink.com/products/youcam/overview_en_US.html

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