Internet Access Monitor 3.9c

Internet Access Monitor - software designed to monitor and control traffic and efficient use of Internet bandwidth your company's employees. With it you can easily determine which employees most heavily loads the Internet channel, swing your staff how much time they spend online, as well as how much traffic they generate at the same time.

Benefits of Internet Access Monitor:

* Allows centralized control of all the users in your organization who access the Internet;
* Program helps prevent attempts to use the corporate access to the Internet for personal purposes of employees;
* Program really helps you cut costs;
* Extremely easy to use and allows monitoring users in just a minute after installation;
* Program works with all modern proxy servers;
* The software allows a large number of reports and diagrams reflecting the efficiency of using a proxy server of your organization;
* Program has special features to automate the process of creating reports and send them to authorized personnel.

According to statistics, the most common way of accessing the internet in modern organizations is the use of special gateways (proxy servers), it possible to share a single internet connection between all office employees. Analyzing the log files created by these programs, Internet Access Monitor allows you to quickly and easily generate reports on who, when and which sites are visited. The program also shows that the employee was doing most of the time - reading texts, viewing pictures, watching soft on cwer.ru, listening to music, watching videos or working.

What's new in this version:

o Internet Access Monitor for ISA Server / Forefront TMG: Added ability to use categories of hosts Microsoft Forefront TMG instead of the built-categories of hosts Internet Access Monitor. (Warning: This function starts to work only on the new database. Therefore, in order to start using it, you must completely clean database).
* Improved / changed
o Optimized imports.
o Internet Access Monitor for ISA Server / Forefront TMG: Changed the way of importing log files in the case of published Web sites and mail servers. Now the program shows the name of the published Web site in the section "By host".
o Improved algorithms for generating reports.
o Changed the program icon.
* Fixed bugs
o Internet Access Monitor for ISA Server / Forefront TMG: Fixed bug that sometimes to the incoming and outgoing traffic can be exchanged.
o Fixed some bugs to work with the database.
o Fixed several bugs in the scheduler.
o Fixed some bugs in the graphical user interface.

Size, OS: 5.63 MB, Windows 7/Vista/XP
Language: English, Russian
Distribution terms: Keygen/Patch

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