Kaspersky 2012 Trial Reset v1.20 by GANJiN

Kaspersky 2012 Trial Reset v1.20 by GANJiN (KTR2012-v1.20) resets the trial period
of Kaspersky AV + IS 2012 and PURE 9 so you have more time to evaluate the product.

Once your Kaspersky 30-days trial license runs out just use the Kaspersky 2012
Trial Reset v1.20 to let your Kaspersky retrieve a new Kaspersky 30 days trial
license, done within a few seconds (incl. all Kaspersky features and updates).
No need hunting for Kaspersky licenses since eventually all get blacklisted.

Install Notes
1. Disable the Self-Defense
2. Exit Kaspersky by using the trayicon.
3. Start ganjin_ktr_2012.exe and press the -Reset- button.
4. Wait for Kaspersky to launch and activate your new trial period.
Note: Your computer has to reboot when resetting 2012 versions of Kaspersky.

Kaspersky 2012 Trial Reset v1.20 by GANJiN is for:
- Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 v12.0.0.374
- Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 v12.0.0.374
- Kaspersky PURE v9.1.0.124

* Tested on WinXP/Vista/7 (x86/x64).
* No need to uninstall the Trial Reset since there's nothing to uninstall.
* KTR2012-v1.20 may not work with the latest patches/updates by Kaspersky.
* KTR2012-v1.20 may not work with newer or older versions of Kaspersky.
* KTR2012-v1.20 requires the Microsoft Net Framework 3.0.
* Kaspersky 2012 download links included.

Version 1.20 - 03.11.2011 - (1.20)
FIX - Broken reset method FIX - Minor things

Version 1.1d - 07.07.2011 - (1.12)
IMP - Removed DOS window when attempting to reboot
FIX - Broken form when using Windows DPI scaling

KTR2012-v1.1c - 18.06.2011 - (1.11):
- Improved: Reset process on all systems
- Improved: Trial notifications disabler
- Improved: Shutdown dialog
- Improved: Minor things

KTR2012-v1.1b - 16.06.2011 - (1.10):
- FIX - 64bit systems not working

KTR2012-v1.1a - 16.06.2011 - (1.00):
- First release

File Info KTR2012-v1.2:

Type.................: Application
Date.................: 03.11.2011 (DD/MM/YYYY)
Platform.............: Windows
File Name............: gjn_ktr2012.zip
Part Size............: 434.508~ bytes
Number of Parts......: 1
Compression Format...: ZIP

MD5 : 8e6c96192185ff69e4957d9e48e92fb3
SHA1 : 7bd4361ed92ba1efe16a710f6c3060405927be24
SHA256: f03a0d67b6e66494d455b385180deb2c980a4fd7e994d4da127e76006b16b522

Help/Troubleshooting/General Info:
* It may be required to run the KTR2012-v1.20 as Administrator
(right-click on KTR2012-v1.20 and choose 'Run as Administrator').

* If the Trial Reset is detected/blocked by your antivirus software then add it
to the exclusions lists of real-time protection and auto-scan. You may need
to temporarily disable real-time protection and auto-scan when adding the
Trial Reset to the exclusions lists, or when using the Trial Reset.

* If the Trial Reset is removed by your antivirus software then restore and
exclude it through your antivirus (Quarantine or History, or something similar)

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