AV Voice Changer Software Gold 7.0.37

AV Voice Changer Software enables you to change your voice in real time and turn it into a female, child, etc. Using effects, you can make the voice of sex appeal. Built-in Voice Comparator helps simulate people's voices by comparing with others. The program allows you to create different voices for movies, audio clips and performances. AV Voice Changer records of the original or changed audio from any source, including microphone, chat in voice chat on the phone to the PC, voice messages, music, Internet radio.

- Voice Changer Software enables you to perform a wide range of tasks associated with a variety of purposes, such as voice-over and backup voice for audio / video clips, presentations, stories, voice messaging, greeting cards, etc., to imitate the voice of any person, create animal sounds, change voices in songs, etc.
- This software can be used with all online games including Second Life, World Of Warcraft, EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Everquest, Counter-Strike, Battlefield 2 and many others.
- Voice Changer Software works well with many VoIP programs, instant messengers such as Skype, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Live Messenger, AIM, XFire, GoogleTalk, Roger Wilco, Net2Phone, etc.

Title: AV Voice Changer Software Gold
Version: 7.0.37
License: Other
Operating System: Windows
Language: English
All included
Size: 17 mb 

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