Activator Windows Vista, Windows 7, Office 2010, office 2013 Plus KMSEmulator

KMSmicro WO w7 o2010-13 v1.0.1  By Ratiborus

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 
  • Office 2010, Office 2013 
  • Also includes a bonus: KMSEmulator


1.Disable Firewall and Run StartKMSmicro.exe


Wait till KMSmicro load it may take up to 5 min.

2. Here is the KMSmicro menu Screen
When you come this stage Type >>> <<<< (Run NetTime). If you can not type hold Ctrl+Alt to make your mouse works
[This will syncronice the server time round the world]


3. Click yes for Host Address Time

4. Run correct cmd with admin privilege

Run 2-1-Initial Activate Office  cmd with admin privilege for Office activation
Run 1-1-Initial Activate Windows cmd with admin privilege for Windows activation

5. Wait till you get the screen `Product Activation Successful

6. Disable KMS server - enter the symbol "S" and press "Enter". Wait until the window disappears.
7. Enable your Firewall again.
DONE Enjoy!

Version of its activation Windows 8 will be posted no earlier than mid-February,
for obvious reasons. To activate Windows 8 can be used until KMSmicro 4.0 
- Key Bank does not have any effect until activation.This also applies to 
server operating systems.
DOWNLOAD KMSmicro WO w7 o2010-13 v1.0.1  By Ratiborus

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Muara Pos mengatakan...

Does this activator free from any virus? Why should we disable firewall?

Trisanto Timi mengatakan...

Mybe no....
Agar instalya lebih cepat bro...

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