Cara masuk ke US google play.

Berikut cara masuk ke google play US.

1. Switch Airplane mode ON then, then switch WIFI back ON

You can toggle flight mode by long pressing the power button and selecting ‘airplane mode’ (see left screenshot). This will automatically switch of your WIFI, which you need to switch back on. You can do this from the Android notification area (see right screenshot) or you can get to it from the settings. Just tap the WIFI icon on the top left and it will light up again.


2. Next, install a VPN app that can provide a US internet connection.

We recommend: Tunnelbear. Works beautifully, but provides only 1GB of bandwidth in the free version, which should be more than enough for this sort of thing. You can double that to 2 GB by mentioning the app in a tweet.

Once you install the app and create an account, run the app from your Android, select ‘US’, and turn the VPN on.


4. You now have to delete any app data or cache data that the Google Play App may have had.

Go to Settings > Application Manager> All, then select Google Play. Next, select ‘Force stop’ then ‘Clear Data’ then ‘Clear Cache’ (see screenshot below). You may need to wait for a few seconds after each one; if the buttons turn grey and un-pressable, wait until they revert back.

Google Play App Settings

5.Now Start Google Play as usual. That’s it. Enjoy the US market.


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